Additional Services

Picture Scanning (£50)

For a Documentary Edit, the use of photographs is paramount in telling a loved-one's story, so we normally require these to be sent in a digital format during the editing. If this isn’t possible, for an additional £50 (plus postage & packaging), it is possible for us to scan your photographs on location after the filming has taken place or at our premises sometime after the shoot. In a final Documentary Edit of 45 minutes, we use on average 50-100 photographs. Please note that we accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage of the original material. Please read our Terms & Conditions

Photographic Restoration (£5 per photo)

Often photographs fade or become damaged over the years. Tiny blemishes are cleaned up free of charge, but for those pictures needing more attention (mild to medium damage), these can be restored for a small fee. For severely damaged photos that require major reconstruction, we will send a quotation after we have seen the images. Please note that restoring photographs is not always necessary. Damaged, scratched and ageing photographs can be 'atmospheric’ in a documentary, this is why we only fix certain photographs as part of the free service when the blemishes become a distraction rather than a style. 

All customers requesting any kind of restoration will receive the restored image as a high quality JPEG file.

Harold Arthur Wale

Mild to Medium Fix - Blemishes and damage fixed for £5 per photo

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