Delivering Your Final Video

Video File

MPEG4 silver

£0.00 (1st file free)
£20.00 (for each additional file)

Video Files (MPEG4)

No matter what service you choose, your final video will be mastered as an MPG4 file in a resolution of your choosing. For example, if you you have chosen the Raw Footage option, then the creation of this file is included in the price.  If you’ve chosen the Documentary Edit or Caption Edit, then these and the Raw Footage are included in the price.

The only time there is a charge for the creation of a video file is when the same video is needed in more than one resolution. For example, you might want the Raw Footage in both HD and UHD (4K).  Contact us for more information about the many file types, sizes and resolutions available.

USB + Presentation Case

The Final USB Box

£30.00 (incl.p&p)

USB Drive + Photo Presentation Case*

To receive your video file(s) we are happy for you to send your own USB drive in prepaid return packaging so we can transfer the file(s) to your drive and post it directly back to you at no additional cost. However, you might prefer to have one of our drives inside a picture presentation case. All of our USB drives are high quality branded 2.0 or 3.0 drives, in sizes of 8, 16, or 32gb depending on your order. They are formatted for storage and delivery to PCs and Macs, so if you require a USB to play your movie on a TV please contact us for more information. 

The USB shown in the picture is an example only. 

Single Disc + Photo Presentation Case

DVD Single Case Mom & Dad

DVD or Blu-ray: £35.00 (incl.p&p)

Single Blu-ray or DVD + Photo Presentation Case*

Of course you may wish to have all your videos on DVD or Blu-ray - the perfect solution to ensure your movies are 100% compatible with all viewing systems. The price shown on the left is for the creation and supply of a single DVD or Blu-ray disc in an attractive presentation case along with a photograph and text. To ensure best quality, a DVD or Blu-ray can only be created with a maximum duration of 2 hours. Longer durations will require an additional disc (see our double disc prices below)

Double Disc + Photo Presentation Case

Double Disc Small

2 x DVD or Blu-ray: £45.00 (incl.p&p)

Double Blu-ray or DVD + Photo Presentation Case*

Ideal when the duration of your videos requires two discs, or if a DVD and a Blu-ray is simply preferred. The double disc presentation case is complete with any combination of Blu-ray or DVD, and this also includes a photograph with text inserted into the front panel window. 

Please Note: A USB can be also be supplied with any disc set (single or double) for an additional £15.00.  These USBs are placed in a velvet pouch and placed inside the presentation box.

*The suppliers of the presentation cases / boxes do change their product range from time to time.  Please check with us first before placing your order.

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