The Production Process

The Planning

An invoice for 50% of the total production will be sent and this will be payable via BACS transfer prior to any bookings made. Once this is received, a date and time is agreed upon and confirmed. Information about the people to be interviewed is required to ensure all topics for discussion are covered on the day.

The Filming

The interview takes place in a quiet indoor location of your choice, usually the family home. There is no crew, only myself. This creates an intimate and relaxed one-to-one environment. Yes, there are a few lights taking up some space, but gone are the days when a whole team of people would arrive and take over the house.

There are no prepared questions; instead, I listen and learn. And I steer my questions to prompt and direct the person on camera. I do not interrupt. I have no agenda. The interviewing process is simply a chat. The secret is to be yourself. I am there merely to support, encourage and engage with the person I am with.

The Editing

For the Raw Footage and Caption Edit, no input from you is required; instead, a short sample video will be available to view. Once the balance has been paid, the full movie will be available in a file resolution of your choice.  Contact us for more information about the many file types, sizes and resolutions available. Files are available to play on TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones.

DVD, Blu-ray, or USB drives are also available.

The Documentary Edit is a little more complex. It should be, a lot of work is involved. After a ‘rough cut’ has been produced, we will then require photographs from you to help to tell the story. These must be clearly labelled and sent in a digital format.

If you don’t have photographs in a digital format, you don’t necessarily need a scanner to create good quality digital images. Simply use your smartphone and make sure there is plenty of light and the subject is in focus. Many photographs have a sheen so be careful of any light reflecting off them (do not use the flash). Get as close as you can and do not use the digital zoom because this will degrade the image. Don’t worry about the edges of the photographs, these can be cropped later in the editing. Simply take the pictures and email them over. 

Pamela Iris Manton
Pamela Iris Wale

Mom’s photo taken with a smartphone (left). Same image cropped and cleaned up (right).

If you are using a scanner, please scan at a minimum of 300dpi (resolution) and make sure the scan is the same size (100%). Make sure it is scanned as a JPEG file with the setting set to HIGH QUALITY.

If in doubt, try a few tests first and send me the results. A scanning and restoration service of damaged photographs is also available.

A director’s cut will then be produced and a watermarked copy of the film will be made available for approval. It’s important that the final film is checked so that changes, if necessary, can be made. Once all changes are confirmed and the balance is paid, a video file of your choice will be available on a USB drive, DVD or Blu-ray. Please note that any changes requested after this point will incur additional costs.

Eternity Videos is a professional video production company based in the Midlands and operating across the UK

Eternity Videos is a professional family video production company based near Birmingham in the Midlands and operating across the UK.

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Coronavirus statement: We have temporarily suspended all productions until 21st June 2021.  Booking can be made now for filming after this date.

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