Our Services

To put simply, we offer three packages: ‘Raw Footage’, 'Caption Edit’ and ‘Documentary Edit’. Regardless of which service is chosen, all services will involve filming at your home or a place of your choosing. 

Raw Footage:

This is the full interview from the moment the camera is switched on to the moment it is switched off. An interview typically takes place in an hour sitting. The footage is then colour-graded, sound-sweetened and made available in HD or UHD (4K) on a USB stick, or as a DVD or Blu-ray.

The example below is a brief clip of unedited material from my parents' documentary. It demonstrates what the Raw Footage option will look like, ideal if you want to edit the material yourselves or simply to have a complete record of everything that was said.

A short clip of raw footage from the original interview.

Caption Edit:

The same clip as above, but for an additional cost, the audio questions are removed and captions are inserted in their place. Sometimes the order of these questions and answers are rearranged to create a greater sense of story. 

An identical clip to the one seen above, but with captions to replace the questions heard on screen.


Again, for an additional cost the same material is professionally edited with music, photographs and video clips to tell an even stronger, more emotive story. 

The same clip, but with music and photographs edited in a complete TV-style documentary. 

Eternity Videos is a professional video production company based in the Midlands and operating across the UK.
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