The Filming + Raw Footage - £350

This includes travel to and from the location, set-up of equipment, and the shooting of a 1 hour interview recorded in Ultra High Definition (4K). Each interview will then be available in a file resolution of your choice. To see an example of what the Raw Footage could look like, please watch the video at the top of the ‘Our Services’ page.

All travel by land up to 50 miles from Atherstone (almost the geographical centre of England) is included in this price. 50p per mile is charged after that. For example, 75 miles from Atherstone incurs an additional cost of £25. Tolls, parking fees, congestion charges, and non-land travel, where applicable, will be charged at cost.

Additional interviews + Raw Footage - £100

If the person to be interviewed is at the same address then this will cost just an additional £100 only. Again the Raw Footage will be available in a file resolution of your choosing. Other locations will be charged at the standard rate.

The Caption Edit - £100 
per interview

As well as receiving the Raw Footage of the complete interview, a Caption Edit can also be produced. This type of edit creates a more intimate viewing experience because the interviewer's questions are removed and replaced with on-screen captions and the Q&As are often reordered chronologically to create a more logical flow to the story. To see an example of this, please watch the second video on the ‘Our Services’ page.

The Documentary Edit - £950 / £1,250

For an additional cost this footage can transformed into a TV-style documentary. This is a highly complex and time-consuming task crafted by an experienced broadcast film editor, which places the subject centre stage in a TV documentary about their own life. To see an example of this, please watch the third video at the bottom of the ‘Our Services’ page.

There is also a 5-minute clip of the 45-minute documentary I made for my parents.  If you haven’t already seen this, please click on the video at the bottom of the About Us page.

The prices are based on recommended durations of 25 minutes for a family documentary featuring one or two people, and 45 minutes for two or more people. Other durations will need a price on application. 

- Editing of a 25-minute documentary (1 or 2 people) - £950

- Editing of a 45-minute documentary (2 or more people) - £1,250

Of course, any number of interviews can be included - these are bespoke productions after all - so if, for example, if you require a documentary featuring family members talking about their parents on camera then the film could be produced with multiple contributions. 

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